Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wolves of Winter 2011

So here is my dark eldar (Dark Kroot Mercs) ready for a tourny at bonnie brae hobby shop in Engelwood, Colorado. I got decent coverage the first game as for the other two the battles were too heated for me too have time to take pics so sorry. Overall i came in 4th so it wasnt all bad

The Mission was pitched battle with modified kill points. My opponent a kid i have played a few times had a Chaos Space Marine list  Everything had the mark of Tzeezech and he got first turn

I deployed a warrior squad in cover and reserved everything else, but it screwed me mor then it helped me.

 By the beginning of Turn two my warriors were wittled down severly and in need of reinforcements

Just when i needed reinforcements, I got on my wych and incubi squads in raiders but they epicly failed on shooting ( as a side note my dark lances didnt destroy a single vehicle in the entire tournament.)

Here he just wiped the warriors

The rest of my forces show up more lance fail but combat is effective killing a rhino for my first kill point.

This is pretty much the end of turn five: at the top right the wyches are pitted in combat with the defiler, Archon fails shadow field and dies to daemon prince, incubi and haemonculus kill prince in return, i killed all his troops, transports and predator and then rolled a 2 for the end game.
                       Kill points: Dark Eldar-9 Chaos Marines-4

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