Monday, February 28, 2011

Trail of Blades (Part 1)

A little less then 19 days ago i decided to construct a new army to play at one of my local gaming stores. After the FAQ Deathwing became a lot more viable, so i rounded up some old terminators and began my deathwing. the first game i played was not that encouraging, I played IG and the guy saw what i had and tailored his list to destroy mine thirteen+ plasma weaponry shots later and my army was pretty much done for. It was mostly a Dual-Wing list due to the models i had. That day i opted for pure Deathwing, and picked up two boxes of assault terminators here are some of the pics from the beginning.

these shots are from construction too my base coat and a little detailing. After that first game which i dubbed the Baptism of fire, the newest reincarnation of my army was much more durable and much more mind wracking to kill. Through play testing i have seen squads take turns of a whole army shooting only to have killed one or two, and they dont run which is also a plus. Some squads even go entire games unscathed. In most missions i castle up and let some units go out to mix things up. Here are some pics of my army in action.

so after a sufficient amount of play testing im am taking on the task of painting them all in time for the Feast of Blades. So ill keep u posted on the progress


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