Friday, February 18, 2011

Cyclone Missle Crisis

Hey everyone StEvEgUtTeRbUnS here and im gearing up for a pretty big tournament here in Denver, CO... The Feast of Blades so i had a very hard decision on what to take. 1 needs to be small for transport and for the 2 hour limit in the tournament. I wanted to take my dark eldar But its a fairly large army, being almost twenty kill points good. The solution ... Well with the recent FAQ .... Deathwing Terminators. When constructing the army i quickly found i was need of Cyclone launchers being that the majority of my terminators were assault oriented. PROBLEM solved i chopped the typhoon from the land speeder then magnatized it to the backs of the terminators

Hope every one enjoys And i encourage anyone in the Denver Metro area to check out the Feast of Blades March 5, 2011

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