Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AutoCannon Dreads !!!

Hey all StEvEgUtTeRbUnS here i know its been a while but Ill get a round to posting more. In the meantime I will show u some WIP shots my Psyfilman autocannons and some other random stuff Im workin on.

First i got together all the parts i needed

 * autocannons from defense line
 * backs of typhoon launchers
 * venerable dred front plates
 * dreadnought
 * plasticard
 * magnets 

After a little trimming you can then drill out holes for the magnets in the autocannons and the dread. The next thing i did was the front plates. All I did was glue it to the autocannon and stuck it on the dread to get the right angle.

The next part was really easy just simply glue the typhoon exhaust vents to cover up the back side of the autocannon. The next step is to create a plate from the front to the back. I used thin sheet plasticard, glued a square connecting front and back and simply trimmed away the excess. I didnt really see the need to do the same on the bottom. It would be really easy to do the bottom if one wanted too.

Here below is a picture of the newest addition to the gang and also a shot of the jokaero i picked up in a trade.

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