Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Batrep Grey knights VS. Tau

Hey all StEvEgUtTeRbUnS here after a long break im back. Recently I got all my grey knight models in and all the bases in so i have been assembling alot here is the 1000 point list i have come up with. So far its got 1 win 1 tie, a little short on troops but still fun.

The list


8 Purifiers
   hammer, 4 hal, 2 psycannons, Rhino w/ ex armor

5 Strike squad
   hammer, hal, psycannon,  Psyboltback

5 Strike squad
   hal, falchions,  psycannon, Psyboltback

Psyfilman Dreadnought

Psyfilman Dreadnought

So the mission we rolled was 5 objectives and spearhead deployment tau chose to set up first
                                       Here is a shot of the battlefield before deployment

                                       My deployment (B.A. tansports havent made the new ones yet)

                                          Tau set up with a nice chunk of broadsides

So after deployment I try and seize the initiative and even with Coteaz' spy network rule I failed to seize , on to the first turn
 So on Tau turn one he moved 2 of the  firewarrior squads towards the nearest objectives. Since I hid everything behind a piece of terrain he couldnt Draw line of sight of anything so it was on to my turn

So I began my turn by moving up the Purifier rhino and popping smoke on it and the Strike squad with Coteaz, and a dred moved to pop some shots off killing a few firewarriors off in the open.

 Tau FWs  continue to move towards objectives, Broadsides fire on the purifier rhino and due to cover survives the shooting phase only missing its storm bolter.

wow thats one lucky Rhino! So i continue to push the purifiers towards the central objective. My strike squads start to move out for objectives. In the shootin phase combined shooting from the razorbacks and dreads knock a fw squad down to 2 models, they pass their test and thats all i could do.

Tau turn 3, 1 Kroot Squad out flanks near objectives, remaining Fire warriors move to claim objectives. Broadsides stun Purifier rhino and, stun and weapon destroy the razorback with coteaz in, and stuns a dreadnought.

My turn pass the fortitude tests on the transports, Purifiers move onto central objective to engage fire warriors in cover, their rhino moves to provide cover to the rest of my army. Coteaz hops into the other razorback and moves to engage other fire warriors and pops smoke, Shooting doesnt do much. Assault purifiers cleaned up the warriors on the objective.


 The beginning of his turn Plas/Fusion battlesuits deepstrike right in front of strike squad rhino. 2nd kroot squad outflanks on the other side of the board near my stuff. Shooting broadsides exploded the purifier rhino and stun a dred. Plas/Fusion battlesuits shoot my razorback that popped smoke fusions shoot first and all miss plasma rifles rapid fire and roll all ones and twos!
My phase passed fortitude. Coteaz and strike squad move to engage battle suits. Other strike squad immoblize razorback on terrain. Shooting makes nearest kroot squad fall back and in assault coteaz and strike squad make short work of battle suits and the consolidate into cover.

 In his turn kroot rally shas'o deep strikes behind dred, broadsides shake a razorback and his commander blows a autocannon off a dread his other kroot run to try and daisy chain 2 objectives
 I didnt do much moving. In the shooting phase purifiers wipe out remainder of fire warriors on the objective by his broadsides
 the dreads get revenge on the shas'o with strength 8 twin linked autocannon death
and lastly coteaz' squad kills the remainder of the kroot threat on my side of the board. I roll and the game goes on to turn six.


Oh his turn all he did was move to capture 2 objectives with one kroot squad. in his shooting  he ran the to try to get 3 objectives on turn 7 his broadsides destroyed my remaining transports and thats about it

 My turn I moved my strike squad on the other side of the wall and to try and get some shots off
purifiers move out to try and contest shooting but doing nothing to the broadsides. After this we roll a turn 7 and the broadsides wipe purifiers in shooting and kroot run coming an inch short of claiming three objectives, my turn I shot at the kroot but didnt do much and it ended in a tie.

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