Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preparing for another tourny (Battle reports)

Hey all StEvEgUtTeRbUnS here, though i haven't spent much time prepping for this weekends 40k tournament I spent some time today play testing a list. In the end i decided against this list for some pretty obvious reasons. First off this is a 500 pt 40k in 40mins style tournament on 4x4s, today i played two games against the Tau, My list and the battle reports below.

I went with my most recent army of Deathwing so i had a very small force to play with


          Deathwing terminator squad
               4 TH/SS, 1 LC, Cyclone

               Autocannon, Sponson lascannons

          total points 495

 For the first battle it was Kill Points and Spearhead deployment here is a shot of the table before  deployment.

 And here are shots of both deployment zones after set up.


 So i got the first turn as the Tau failed to seize, I just dug in and went right to the shooting phase. Between the Cyclone launcher and the predator i managed to fell 7 from the closest kroot squad

As for Tau turn one He moved the closest kroot squad and the fire warrior squad closer to get into gun range. He shot hes 3 kroot guns at my terminators and i mad all my saves


This turn i just lined my terminators up to provide some cover for pred and continued to fire away at the same kroot squad only killing 5 this time

He continued to move the kroot up and with his shooting a lucky fire warrior managed to peg off a terminator and somehow a kroot gun knocked a las off of my predator.


Not much movement from me this turn either. This time i could draw a bead on some fire warriors so the cyclone put down some blast killing three and causing them to fall back. That was great !! then my pred fails to kill anything...

First the flippin fire warriors rally denying me the kill point, then the tau Shas'o deep strikes very close to my army and actually lands a wound on belial, But due to dangerous terrain loses a drone in the prosess.


I just moved the terminators in for the kill and the pred shot away at the fire warriors killing one. As i cannot just have a tau commander wreaking havoc in my backfield so i moved up shot the remaining drone and promptly did away with the Shas'o giving me my first kill point.

Pretty much from here on the Tau shooting failed to do anything to my army. Here's a shot of the end of turn 4


I just move my army towards his and began to plug away. FAIL!!! i only killed one kroot but after his turn of failing to harm anything of mine that looked pretty good


Lucky for me it went on to turn six, just in time for me to get another kill point. I fire into the remaining fire warriors destroying them for my second kill point. Once again the tau shooting was in-effective and we rolled the end of the game.

The Results---- Deathwing:2kp Tau Empire:0kp

///////////////////////////////// GAME 2 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Here i used the same list and the tau list changed up a bit this game was secure and control with spearhead once again so we changed up the battlefield a bit. Shots of board and deployment


in this game i failed to get the first turn and rigth from the start i knew it wasnt going to be good as he offed 1 of my terminators first turn with kroot guns. My turn i fired back devilfish saved its cover but i did kill 4 kroot.


Once again Tau shooting is effective felling another terminator. As for my turn devilfish saved cover again and the cyclone failed wth two massive scatters.


In this round it seems the luck reversed the Tau failed to hurt anything. My turn i moved my terminators to protect the objective from the incoming threat and killed 3 kroot in thr prosess


A risky move for the Shas'o pays off as he deep strikes right in my corner and annihilates my predator. The rest of his shooting fails to do anything. On my turn Belial B-lines it toward the shas'o who has nowhere to run. Terminators kill 1 kroot. Belial takes a wound but makes short work of the Tau commander


That damn sneaky devilfish moved up and popped its drones and fired away and killed 1 terminator. I move the terminators toward the devilfish and belial towards the drones. Shooting failed so i went on to assault Killing the drones with belial, and immobilizing the devifish with the terminators luckily for the Tau the game continued on to turn six.


This cheeky bastard got his troops out and ran into contesting range of my objective and failed to do much else.

On my turn i pulled the deathwing back to my objective and moved belial to confront the fire warriors.
Stupidly I shot at the kroot instead of the fire warriors thinking belial could handle it, so I only killed 2 kroot. Then belial assaulted killing 2 and the made there leadership test  to contest my objective and here we rolled a two for the game end

Results--- Deathwing:0 Obj  Tau Empire:1

In the end i realized i need more the one unit on the board so i think im going to end up running something different. More to come

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